Cobra Complete Nudge Bar Kit Front And Rear Nudge Bars With Front And Rear Overiders



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Cobra Complete Nudge Bar Kit
Front and Rear Nudge Bars With
Front and Rear Overiders

    This is the finest example we have ever seen, absolute A* quality High quality 304 polished stainless steel, complete Set Package, 

    Containing 2x Front Over Riders # OR001, 2x Rear Over Riders # OR002 , 1x Rear Nudge Bar # NB002, 1x Front Nudge Bar # NB001.

    please click on the second image for an example of the high quality invisible weld on the rear nudge bar.

    please note our complete kit is designed to fit together, and using other components may require modification.

    EXTRA PARTS MAYBE NEEDED fixing kit part number COFKM

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